Friday, March 16, 2018

Congrats to Connor Lamb on his razor thin

win down in Pennsylvania Tuesday Night. He took a deep red congressional district and flipped it blue, kudos to his hard work and positive attitude.
There is wild talk of a "coming blue wave" in the Fall's Midterm Elections, we ought not to succumb to complacency or exultation, after all we were supposed to win in a walk last time. And lets keep a weather eye on Moscow, they'd love to cement themselves as the USA "election disruptor of choice" maybe with some targeted blackouts on election day hmmmmm?
My main takeaway this time is that Lamb's victory will be an open invitation for the Boston Globe to gin up a "Seth Moulton for President" thing going forward. Moulton was "all in" on Lamb fundraising and campaigning for The Candidate and thus has reaped a reputational windfall on Tuesday Night.
I urge Congressman Moulton "Not To Inhale" or at least talk it over with Former President's Kerry, Dukakis & Romney.

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