Wednesday, March 07, 2018


(Late word comes to us that the Former Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick is conjuring with running for President in 2020.)  C'mon Deval, this is yer pal Elias talkin'...I was there at the Sons of Italy back in 2005 when whatzisname threw a temper tantrum and stormed out? You didn't turn a hair, didn't bat an eye, "presence of mind" is your super power it always has been in my books.
But this is different Deval, this is the mute weight of history, the general electorate doesn't cotton to candidates from Massachusetts, otherwise you'd shaken hands with Presidents Dukakis, Kerry & Romney by now.
Hell sometimes we don't even prevail in the primaries....cough "Kennedy & Tsongas" cough!
Face it man, they hate us, there is an entire department of media whose financial well being hinges on slandering the Commonwealth en masse with the most powerful rhetorical weapon ever created "guilt by association".
Don't do it, its not worth one ounce of your dignity.
YES I agree you could well force the issue in New Hampshire yer smooth as silk on the podium and people do listen to you, but unless you move back to Cicero Illinois I'd say the whole project will end in tears.
I know why you are doing it, you gambled in 2006 that you could beat a still popular Mitt Romney in a straight matchup and the Gods Smiled and Delivered Scary Kerry Healey unto your hands.
So it must seem like a similar scenario to challenge Trump, but the Gods are Fickle, They Give Their Love Only to The Daring, But Then Just as Often They Render No Help Whatsoever.
I'm serious Deval don't do it....its a heartbreaker, just ask John Kerry.

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