Sunday, March 18, 2018

Steve Bannon gave an interview in Europe

where he extolled Benito Mussolini's "virility & fashion sense".  Yeah....this guy.
Well it is true, Mussolini did have an impressive collection of hats and even more polished jackboots (with trick heels to make him look taller)...he was resplendent as he reviewed his troops clumsily goose stepping past him in ragged uniforms carrying rusty rifles. As for his virility, its true he fathered five children inside his marriage and at least one out of wedlock...but then a lot of this bed hopping on his part was "justified" as setting an example in reversing emigration driven population loss.  Just as conquering the Mediterranean Basin was supposed to create a vast "virility zone"where the phantom surplus population would colonize and procreate ad infinitum.  To that end, Mussolini allied with Hitler since the only way he could redraw the colonial map of North Africa was to destroy the French & The British in Europe. Like Steve Bannon Mussolini was obsessed with Nationalism, Race and other examples of populist false consciousness.  The problem with Bannon is, he is making the same mistakes as Mussolini, white populism and exclusionary politics is somehow supposed to repel the encroachments of "Global Corporate Elites".  Well ya know, transnational corporatism IS a problem...that much I can affirm...but white solidarity ain't gonna resolve jackshit, its nothing but a power trip for intellectual corruptards like Steve Bannon, boots and hats and all.  

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