Thursday, January 08, 2004

I say, Impeach Rowlands....

No I can't say I'm familiar with the details of the Connecticut Governors' case, nevertheless, throw the rascal out!
John Rowland is a cheap dirty, oleaginous crook who finally got caught and like all small time thieves turned on the puppy-dog eyes and begged "forgiveness".
In all a gruesome and distasteful spectacle to be sure.
The hell with forgiveness....all of the country state elections are being ruthlessly nationalized by Karl Rove and his pirate crew....all in a bid to build a massive vertical Bolshevik style GOP political machine.
This is no time for forgiveness or to give someone an undeserved break.
Now just for once, and acting out of pure partisan spite, lets interrupt the ceaseless conservative march to glory and force the bastards to fight on ground of our own choosing.
I'm aware that the democrats are three votes short of conviction in the Connecticut senate, but this will compell the national GOP to spend money and resources to prop up this luxury loving lout.
Anything less than immediate impeachment only leaves in power yet another corrupt GOP satrap who will no doubt take it into his head that the way is clear for new outrages.
Besides, Impelling these Connecticut GOP senators to vote on saving Rowland's dishonest backside is a good thing all around come next November.
It'll sharpen the ideological conflict in Connecticut and serve as a reminder to other GOP Governors that their positions are not so secure.
Forget worrying about who'll take over once Rowlands is dragged off in leg irons, and forget fears of a backlash....just impeach and damn the consequences!

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