Friday, January 16, 2004

The merest shift in the numbers...

And suddenly everyone is all respectful-like of my boy John Kerry.
Scot Lehigh in particular suddenly dropped his snarky tone today and made nicey-nice noises about JK's relentless campaign ethic.
What a bunch of simpering scoundrels we have down at the Boston Globe!
A month ago Kerry was getting jacked up on a weekly basis above the fold in the Sunday edition.
Now look at them, doing the thing they do best when they are wrong or have picked the losing side....fawning and truckling.
I don't think the Globe should be a pro-Kerry propaganda rag...I do think they ought to show a little stinkin' dignity though.
And dignity starts with not allowing three or four columnists to tag-team Kerry for months on end with excratory front page articles in close support.
On the other hand, if Kerry wins in Iowa and manages to stage an upset in New Hampshire...watching Scot Lehigh's climbdown performance from his lofty anti-JK aerie will be a precious and lovely thing indeed.
That is IF Kerry can pull it all off, if not, we will be faced wit the usual gleeful death-of-liberalism nonsense from off the Globe's op-ed pages.
So I hope Kerry wins if only to spare the tender rhetorical sensibilities of the Globe's readership.

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