Monday, January 05, 2004

Happy Newspeak Year:

George Will was masturbating in the public prints again last week.
He was detailing with lip smacking relish some of the wonderful utopian ideas that'll be implemented when the GOP takes over congress by huge margins next year.
Oh tweedy George just can't wait for the democrats to be reduced to fuming impotence...cause' once his bunch has a filibuster proof majority they can "take on" the welfare state once and for all.
Isn't it curious, whenever unchecked power is within the GOP's grasp, the first thing they resolve upon is a policy of welfare busting?
And what, welfare is two tenths of one percent of the entire federal budget?
Clearly that two tenths of one percent can't harm anyone except on a very raw ideological's equated with sloth idolence and all sorts of other unpleasant theological conditions by the pseudo conservative punditariat.
Why else does George hate the poor so, unless he thinks they are somehow rejected by the Republican God of Thunder and Fundraising.
Forgive me for asking though, but wasn't welfare "reformed" already by President Clinton?
How much more reform must poor hapless welfare endure?
Well it seems to me that "reform" in the airy space of George Will's mind is a euphemism for "annihilation".
And another thing, I thought GWB's tax cut saturnalia was supposed to fuel a coming boom...if the economy starts trending upward welfare lists will go down thus why the need for reform?
Simple, welfare "reform" isn't a political or economic creed, it's a act of faith by the GOP's power worshipping elite.
They wanna overawe the unbelievers by finally destroying some vital part of the social safety net...this somehow will open thet doors to governance sans let of hindrance for the next ten twenty or thousand years-depending on which columnist you are reading.
I've always held the sensible view that welfare prevented the manifestation of extremist class consciousness....which would seem to the be the very inverted goal of these revolutionaries we got on the op-ed page and in the White House these days.

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