Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Shriek, Memory...

The Romney is a Fraud blog has sparked my memory today.
Whatever happened to that insufferable little bastard who affected a dinosaur costume and followed Shannon O'Brien all throughout campaign 2002?
Allegedly he was a senior at UMass Amherst wherein inane stunts like that are SOP for kampus konservative bundists.
I ran into him at the State House at a rally for Chris Gabrieli....he had that creepy MTV Jackass type smile.
I don't know why but borderline personalities seem to abound in campus conservative politics....look at Laura Ingraham a self medicating bipolar case if ever I heard one.
Anyhow, what became of that kid?
I seem to recall he was doing this "cuz I'm worried about jobs..."
Well, jobs are the Kolobian Viceroy's number one priority, especially jobs for the deserving faithful.
I have it in my head that Dinoboy is running errands for Tagg Romney over at the GOP State Committee...strictly on a cash basis and off the books you understand.
I'll bet this little maggot fairly jumps when told to run out and grab the Viceregal son a decaf latte and a cran-muffin.
All time well spent, sooner or later the big promotion has to come...perhaps the GOP nomination for state rep in Lexington or Brockton or some other salubrious district.
Oh course this is all speculation y'unnerstan'...
Anyone with this boy-o's final fate, drop me a note at:

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