Friday, March 26, 2004


Having blamed the current job hemorrhage alternately on high housing costs, traffic, taxes, unemployment insurance, the war in Iraq, "the bureaucracy" and having done nothing about any of these long before Mitt revives the notion of legalizing balls-to-the-wall casino gambling in the Bay State?
He has noodled around with the issue since taking office...the easy assed revenues have to be a temptation to our famously unheroic uncreative governor.
I'm thinking that roulette and blackjack are Mitt's next panacea for Massachusetts' chronic job losses.
However, aside from the inevitable fagbashing Mitt will build into the fall campaign how in the hell does a bunch of video store night clerks, creepy little bastards fresh out of college, and retired barbers recruited by the Kolobian Viceroy to run for the legislature, put over casino gambling?
I mean do these hapless ne'er do wells really wanna run on a platform that proposes a low cost utopia based on video poker?

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