Friday, March 05, 2004

Image politics

So everyone is up in arms about Bush's use of 9-11 pics in his current round of campaign commercials.
And this is surprising exactly why?
George Bush Jr. is of a famously shameless generation and a descendent of a family famously dedicated to winning at any cost.
From the moment the second tower fell in New York City I knew that horrific scene or it's aftermath would be replayed some three years hence in a Bush-Cheney re-election advert.
Nothing this gang does surprises me anymore, absolutely nothing.
They are a craven insolent bunch....sheer ego and opportunism have fatally combined to give us George Bush Jr. as President, a dull vengeful little creep entirely bereft of ideas, man who claims heroism on the basis of other people's sacrifices.

I think it's fine if the firemen (those stalwart Kerry supporters) protest...if enough noise gets made maybe people will start asking just what was GWB doing flying around the nation pell-mell whilst New York Burned...?

But please gentle readers, forget about outrage that reaction presupposes your opponent is capable of rueful self reflection.
This sort of thing is derided as a laughable confession of weakness in Bushworld.
The Bush Admin and it's apologist are beyond mere shame or that wasted wan vice called hypocrisy...they have moved on en masse to full out royalism that asserts brazenly the leader may what he wishes when he wishes.
No doubt today's chorus will only encourage the President and his handlers to even more blatant use of 9-11 imagery.
Count on it.
All this goes back to the Florida recount in my opinion, when you win ugly, you develop an ugly theory of governance.


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