Thursday, March 18, 2004

Penny wise...

Penny pinching reveals volumes about a person's character whether they are rich or poor.
Take Mitt Romney for instance....that land leviathan he rides in from Belmont to Boston is actually registered in New Hampshire of all places.
The Kolobian Viceroy apparently just happens to own a strategically placed vacation house on Lake Winnipesaukee you see.
No doubt the confluence of New Hampshire's willingness to register cars from Massachusetts with no questions asked AND the proximity to the Granite State "unique first in the nation primary", proved too great a temptation.
These bouts of cheap bastardness are a reoccurring theme with Willard, anyone else remember his tortured circumlocutions he indulged to explain away his attempts to evade paying taxes in Massachusetts when he was "saving" the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics?
You wouldn't mind so much, but in every case paltry amounts of money are on the line, paltry at least by the standards the wealthy Romney family.
This meanness could be understood if Romney came up the hard way, but no he is an heir to a reasonable fortune...he can't part with the scratch for a license and registration in Massachusetts?
Romney isn't a total cheapskate though, let me be clear about that.
He has put through a lavish series of undeserved budget busting pay raises for his appointees including Public Safety Secretary Ed Flynn whose burgeoning ineptitude recalls the salad days of Joe Lawless at Logan Airport.
But of course, that money serves a purpose, it assures gratitude and loyalty among his underlings.
Paying Mitt's fair share to the Commonwealth...that is another matter.
So like his Boss in Washington, Romney apparently believes, money is something to be lavishly is nothing worth collecting or even paying when the time comes.
The sordid details can be found at the Romney is a Fraud blog....bookmark it now before it's outlawed.

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