Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Boston Globe endorses Jim Marzilli for state senate...

the whole text can be found here:

Well this is certainly a leg up for Rep. Marzilli, up until now the Globe hardly seemed to pay attention to the 4th Middlesex state senate race.
There is one endorsement though, that seems to have gone a-beggin'...that would be the coveted imprimatur of the seat's former incumbent, Robert Havern. Bob has remained decorously and strangely silent through-out this campaign. Humble Elias can understand even if he doesn't quite approve of Jay Kaufman's studied neutrality in this contest, after all no matter who wins Jay might have to work with anywhere from two to three embittered colleagues. But Bob has officially quit the game and can throw his support to pretty much anyone. To date though, he has not...this is not to say he hasn't made some moves behind the scenes allegedlyhe told Arlington Selectperson Diane Mahon to steer clear of the special election...did he have a candidate in mind at that time? Did anyone talk him out of an endorsement?
Who can say?

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