Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A TV Commercial????

Per the Blue Mass Group, state representative Charles Murphy has actually laid down a pile of cash for a television commercial in the 4th Middlesex special state senate election!

Anyone else tried something like this for a state senate election in Massachusetts before?
Seems like a desperate move to me, but I could be wrong.
Moreover the advert itself is a little indistinct, it mentions the state senate once and in passing during the voice over and doesn't not cite the actual district at all.
Therefore a casual or underinformed viewer could easily infer that Murphy is running against John Kerry!

Allegedly, said commercial will start running in Arlington and Lexington this weekend...

Meanwhile, Ken Donnelly's phonebank has called my house twice in the last twenty four hours pestering Elias Nugator Sr. (himself a retired state worker and nominally a union member) about the upcoming primary. None of it has changed his mind, he is for Marzilli.

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