Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mitt Romney thinks that...

since he beat Shannon O'Brien in 2002 he is just the man to triumph over Hillary in 2008. Or some of his aides and henchman tell today's Globe.
Wee-ell I dunno about that, Mitt has always staggered around under the weight of his swelled head, prideful and amateurish he expects the future play out just like the past.
That is not a strength it is a weakness.
Of course nowhere in that article is the timely help gubernatorial debate moderator Tim Russert rendered the Romney campaign at all mentioned. Phat Tim smirked grandly and treated candidate O'Brien like a half-amusing teachable for some ninety minutes of congressionally licensed airtime. Far from debating Romney, O'Brien had to fend off attacks on two fronts, the results as they say are a foregone conclusion.

No one wants to discuss any of that do they?

If Mitt Romney has a strength, it's not solely his ability to beat down female rivals and underlings, it lies in his ability yo beguile stupid credulous pundits like Tim Russert and Brian McGrory. Getting those guys on his side is a big advantage in any contest...and believe me the same lot will fall for Mitt's line of rubbish in 2008.

Figure out how to bust that combination up, and you will go a long way towards bearing Romney in any contest.

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