Friday, November 23, 2007

I finally figured out what the hell is wrong with Scot Lehigh

he didn't watch enough television when he was a pup!
This is no joke folks, without thorough exposure to TV's first anti-hero, Doctor Zachary Smith a kid grows up with a dangerously simplistic view of humanity.

Lord no wonder Scot fell for Romney's's like he had no defenses at all!

Moreover, without "Batman" a child can grow to adulthood shorn of any sense of satire or appreciation of parody.

When was the last time you laughed at anything Scot Lehigh wrote? I mean, think about that.

And what of "Gilligan's Island" the supreme and eternal childhood re-run? A priceless archive of dog-eared vaudeville turns, all apparently overlooked by young Lehigh who was no doubt reading "Commentary" sans a shred of insight or pleasure.

I mean, no wonder he is such a pompous stiff in the public prints.

Frankly to me, the lack of a sense of humor, as evidenced by today's earnest laugh-like essay on the perils of television is in itself a dangerous form of mental torpidity.


Frankly Scot's only hope is to start watching "Star Trek" re-runs...or maybe "The Fugitive"...dat one had class as well.

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