Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Marzilli uber alles!

With a plurality of 39% of the vote, Arlington representative Jim Marzilli now won the democratic nomination for the 4th Middlesex special election. He carried Arlington with a staggering 62% of the vote and Lexington with a plainlu\y miraculous 72% of the vote.
Clearly, Lexington native Bob Peters' withdrawl from the race may well have delivered the day to Marzilli.
This combined lead overwhelmed state representative Charles Murphy and Ken Donnelly with Woburn rep Pat Natale running a dismal fourth.
Thr real story is the surprising performance of Kenneth Donnelly who made this a real horse race with 25% of the vote running second in all five communities in the district. Clearly the police and the firefighter's unions can still rock the house in a tight race. Moreover this was Donnelly's strategy all along, place a hard second and let the big fish carry their home towns...we it worked he still didn't win!
This is all the more astonishing giving Donnelly's underwhelming pulpit style and poor debate performance.

Nonetheless, tonight is Jim Marzilli's night, finally a man with a good brain and a good heart has risen to the occasion.

Humble Elias couldn't be happier.

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