Thursday, November 29, 2007

Last night's GOP debate...

Romney accuses Guiliani of coddling illegal immigrants, Rudy shot back that Romney hired Guatemalan illegals to clip his hedges in Belmont Mass.
Meanwhile...Fred Thompson, groaned, rolled over and before he fell asleep grunted something about Mike Huckabee being a tax and spend lib-er-al.
McCain picked on Ron Paul in a vain attempt to generate what pro-wrestlers call "cheap heat".

The rest of this useless rabble manfully pawed the ground and looked distinctly peeved to have wasted their own time and money on what is a losing game.
Yes indeed folks, the game is afoot it is now a mere biblical forty days til the balloon goes up in NH and none of these a-holes feels the least bit secure in their positions.
Which is fine by me, the lot of them are evenly divided by dangerously utopian mystics and craven power-worshippers.

My question is, is there a point beyond which these guys become too right-wing for the electorate? Cause' it seems to me that we are fast approaching that point where the debates all resemble an ill-tempered freeper circle-jerk with all and sundry promising to nuke Iran and turn America into an armed camp in a vain attempt to expell Raoul the poolman and Rosita the maid.
A strict Rovian analysis indicates that there is no such thing as being "too right wing"...however I wonder. This is a grim humorless lot over time that can't wear well with the American people.

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