Friday, November 16, 2007


Arlington school committeeman Jeff Thielman, a rock in local democratic politics is thinking about running for state representative should Jim Marzilli move up to the state senate in next month's special election.
He joins a lengthening list of quietly ambitious Arlingtonians who are all jockeying for position if there is a vacancy.
Ken Donnelly who finished a relatively strong second in the primary on Tuesday is said to be very interested in running, indeed his ringing endorsement of Marzilli Tuesday night at the Sons of Italy (Hell Donnelly got to the victory party before Humble Elias!!)was seen by many as a virtual announcement for the seat.
Meanwhile school committeeman Sean Garballey would allegedly love to run for state rep, but his age (twenty two) and his strong support for Donnelly may well put the kibosh on that notion. You have to wonder, the tenure for some of these positions runs as long as twenty years, it's been seventeen years since both positions were open, can Sean or anyone else wait that long for a shot at the big(ger) time?
I know Jeff Thielman, he is genial and incorruptible, brainy and tireless, if he gets in he will run hard for the job. That having been said, it's been a controversial year for the Arlington school committee so Jeff's chances are at best fifty fifty. Still the campaign is young, it depends on Jim winning next month and then we have to see if DiMasi calls a special election or not. Conceivably, the seat could remain vacant til next November.

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