Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Orrin Hatch on Imus in the Morning today...

Despite the recent death of his best pal Teddy Kennedy, the Senator for Utah remains remarkably sound of wind and even a bit fey.
He combined a sentimental remembrance of his old friend Edward Maximus with a long sorrowful denunciation of "government run healthcare on a single payer plan". His dissection of the numbers when it came to the thirty five or so million who have no health coverage whatsoever was breathtakingly discalcular. For sheer effrontery delivered in a hurt and earnest tone, Hatch has no equal. He might've missed out on being GWB's Vice President but he will definitely be in line to drive a stake thru health care in the US Senate this year, count on it.
The man's devotion to spreading illness, despair and bankruptcy among the uninsured is shining example to us all.
Which does raise an important point, if Orrin Hatch (normally a fawning pouter pigeon of a man) cannot display soo much as an ounce of compromise, then why are we as democrats wasting so much breath on this phantom utopia called bipartisanship? Nothing accomplished in a spirit of bipartisanship has pretty much the same malign outcome as ye olde partisan gridlock, the American people get screwed thass all.
It is worth remembering that when the GOP had a fifty five vote majority in the US Senate they did nothing but run their electoral steamroller over the democrats amid demented screams in praise of the coming One Partei Conservative State.
We have to accept certain realities, they are hard to internalize when they lead us away to the natural tendency to dicker and compromise. Right now though, the partisan divide is so wide and deep we as liberals and democrats have no one with whom to negotiate. What GOP Senator would dare with three hundred de-facto Rwandan DJ's waiting to howl up a lynch mob outside their offices?

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