Monday, October 01, 2012

And More Polling

Per the latest poll, Richard Tisei (GOP) is up five points over incumbent democratic congressman John Tierney in the sixth congressional district.
Albeit with thirty percent undecided.
Geez if Brown loses and Tisei wins next month, that means the marquee name in the Massachusetts State GOP will be a gay guy from the South Shore.
The state republicans are likely fine with it overall, they'd nominate a dead dog to office if it polled well, but I wonder how well a gay GOP congressman from the Bay State will go over in the tea partei?
Likely not so well, case in point Barney Frank.
But it'll be an interesting process to watch if it happens.
On the other hand, Tisei might wanna use this eminence as a stepping stone to the Governorship in 2014, although that is an awfully short simmering time in DC before trying to run statewide back home.
Might be something to think about if Tisei can't do any business in Washington, which in turn would put him on a collision course with his former running mate Charlie Baker and who knows maybe even Scott Brown!
Ah but the local GOP doesn't go in for contested primaries if they can avoid it in the big ticket races, still there is a first time for everything.
Ghod Almighty I love politics, I do love it so, it has never lined my pockets but it has never ever failed to amuse and fascinate me.