Sunday, October 14, 2012

"Atlas Shrugged Part II" duly reviewed and blogged

Over at Channel Zero.

To which I can only add, how is it that when Objectivists (that self selected elite of would be herrenvolk) make a movie of their Messiah's own Koran it ends up being a cheap tawdry exploitation movie enacted by E-List helots?
Ah but Ayn Rand was never known for her irony or subtle wit, she set out to create a anti-communist theology and largely succeeded at least as far as her tiny band of cultists are concerned.
Of course the theme of the book is nothing new the Overclass goes on strike to end the predations of the ravenous looters and their underclass hirelings. As far back as 1907 Ernest Bramah described a strike by the middle and upper classes of Great Britain to oust an all powerful labor government in his book The Secret of the League. The conspirators break the power of the coal miners union and are then free and clear to set up a non-parliamentary government that keeps the trogs down and upholds  the natural rights of the aristocracy and the "producing classes".
All sounds very much like "Galt's Gulch" to me...but then Counter Marxist thought clearly predates the Russian Revolution as a matter of record.
Of course, Atlas Shrugged is less a novel and more a nine hundred page work of raw ideological warfare,  combat divisions of straw men are shot shelled & strafed on every page by poor persecuted financial supermen & their adoring passive aggressive superwomen.
Well what of it?
The Chimes at Midnight is nothing but raw ideological warfare, but Humble Elias at least tries to keep it short and simple.
And if he can't do that, he will always lunge for the cheap laughs.