Sunday, October 21, 2012

One thing I like about David Bernstein...

Is that he will answer a hypothetical question.

In this case, on his self proclaimed "Ask Me Anything Day" I asked that IF Scott Brown lost next month, mightn't his wife, Gail Huff consider a political career?

He counted the concept intriguing but noted aligning her with the right race might prove dicey.

Well it was a sort of blue-sky query anyway, if she is so willing to alibi for her husband and directly criticize Citizen Warren in all those commercials, seems like she is already "in politics" whether Ms. Huff likes it or not.

Anyway as I've said before, either we are quit of Scott Brown in this election cycle or we never will be until his pride swollen head carries him off to some wintery Waterloo in the snows of the New Hampshire Primary...