Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Debate Prep....

Tonight's debate will not be any species of a cakewalk for the President, let us hope he takes the whole thing very seriously.
As a debater Mitt Romney has certain skills regardless of his chronic charisma deficit and drone on at high speed.
For one thing he knows how to make smarm work for him.
For another, for another he generally gets a pass (for a lot of very complicated reasons too numerous to eructate herein) when starts in with the unctuous father-knows-best condescension.
And based on long experience, he is willing to say anything in order to win...nothing else accounts for the monumental collection of lies, distortions, evasions and flip flops he has acculmulated in pursuit of the US Presidency in the past sixth months alone.
Taken as a whole, Romney is good at colonizing discussion in weird but effective ways a debate about public spending becomes a subtle demonstration of who is better daddy-figure.
Moreover, Mitt has had a bad month, he is pretty much deep into underdog territory, he hasn't said a single common sensical thing for over two months...and as such, he is primed for some sort of a comeback.
Just walking out on stage without lapsing into a berserk fury extolling the spiritual benefits of crystal meth will be enough to score it a win for Romney...The National Media thirsts to tell these kinds of narratives.
Just remember the very gods were againsAt Fritz Mondale in 1984 and he SCHOOLED Ronald Reagan in that first debate.
Anyhow the balloon goes up in a few short hours