Friday, October 19, 2012

Colonel Scott Brown

that fearless part time lawyer  in the Maryland National Guard, that hero with over thirty billable hours in a combat zone....sends me a glossy mailer extolling his pro-choice bona fides every week.
Why I do not know, you'd think I'd be the one democrat in the state he'd a written off by now.

I'm guessing his numbers have plateau'd among independents (traditionally the GOP's main path to statewide office in the Commonwealth) so in expectation of a tight race he is trying to pick off undecided democrats although polling indicates Citizen Warren has a high degree of party unity behind her.
And then there are those ads Gail Huff is doing for Brown on TV, all aimed at women...So I'm  guessing that Brown thinks his margin of victory (should he win) is built around undecided women and disaffected democrats.
Will it work I don't know, this remains in my mind a very tight race  no matter what the good or bad news we extract from the polling.
Personally I've always found it a little tasteless the way Brown trots out his wife and daughters to cover his ass on reproductive issues, he has had two years to actually run up a positive record in this area and has manfully declined to do so....