Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Campaign for the Twenty Fourth Middlesex in Picture....

A pop quartet serenades pedestrians on behalf of GOP candidate for State Representative Tomi Olson at Robbins Farm Park in Arlington on Saturday October 13th at about 3:30 pm EDT.
When it comes to innovative campaign gimmicks, Arlington has always been historically speaking barren territory.
The classic "lawn sign" has only recently come into general usage...if you can believe it.

On the other hand I have to wonder why Olson is devoting time to "innovative campaign tactics" in Arlington at all.  This general election is akin to the democratic primary, "A battle for the heart and soul of Belmont Ma".  Olson must conquer or die there and not scramble so much for votes in places like Precinct 12 in Arlington wherein an overwhelming democratic majority resides.
Of course it is interesting, that nowhere in her campaign advertising does Olson overtly identify herself as a republican.
Maybe she is hoping for a little confusion in the polls come election to swing some votes her way.
Well anyway...the band had some chops from what I could hear of it.