Sunday, October 28, 2012

Per the Boston Globe Mitt Romney has been stumping Ohio

extolling his bipartisan ability to "get along with democrats" based on his brief tenure as Governor of democrat-heavy Massachusetts.
Well, as I recall Mitt's idea of "Getting Along With Democrats"consisted on passive aggression, artful hiding under the bed, a little bit of ineffectual bluster and that familiar Romney smarm.
He spent very little time in the state so his "bipartisanship" neither offended or helped much for that matter.
But it is his "bipartisan ability" to get along with republicans that everyone should scrutinize in great detail.
The man has never had to deal with republicans who had any sort of power over him and his agenda, there is no telling how "President" Romney would react to a determined pushback from the back benches of the House GOP Caucus?
Mitt's most likely reaction though will be one of craven surrender or evasion or passive aggression....or something.
He'll think of something, just wanting to be President badly makes him a decisive statesman...doesn't 
Still Mitt has made literally thousands of promises to the conservative right, he can do that pretty freely because he does not feel himself obligated to follow thru owing to his rhetorical disconnect from the issues which I have covered off in previous (and interminable) posts.
But what happens when others, in the House GOP Caucus and elsewhere people with independent bases of power, start holding him responsible?
I think he'll melt away into rhetorical the Wicked Witch the Wizard of Oz.
I could be wrong, but then again that would be the best case scenario...