Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Romney & women...

Apparently the former viceroy's goal in last night's debate was to "reach out to women" .
He has to say the least a contentious relationship with that particular gender having ended the political careers of some three female aspirants to the Governorship of the Commonwealth (two of them republicans)...and then there is his unctuous patronizing 19th century attitude towards women which makes most observers wonder if Mitt Romney has ever worked for a woman or been responsible to a woman other than his late mother?
Well...I've said it before and I'll say it again Ardith Wieworka was a hardworking head of the Child Service's Office before Romney fired her in 2004 allegedly because she wanted to marry her same gender life partner.
Shown the door by the chilly crew around the then Governor,  Ms. Wieworka was allegedly told it was nothing personal but they wanted "someone more like us" doing her job.
Thus Romney commenced his seemingly eternal quest for the White House by firing someone able and passionate about their job but also someone different...and Romney plain hates The Different.
And that is Mitt's real attiude towards women in a nutshell, he is adept at eructating the right sounding sentiments & hiring decorous female aides but he has never in his life tolerated a woman "getting out of line" just as he would never tolerate a woman dictating any terms to him. I am not even gonna get into the whole abortion mishaugas since his position on the issue has already shifted twice in the past week and that moving target will undoubtedly pick up speed as we get closer to election day.Ar