Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Wareham Kid and the Hanging Judge

In last night's appallingly moderated US Senate debate, that two fisted indian fighter from out the bloodcurdling pages of Playgirl Magazine, Hopalong Brown, opined that Antonin Scalia is his favorite Supreme Court Justice.
Well, Scalia is a vengeful tea partier's wet dream, nasty, rigid, authoritarian, puritanical and paranoid thanks to years of prayerful contemplation.
In short a hanging judge, the perfect counterpart to Scott Brown's increasingly inane Lonesome Cowpoke persona.
That is one way to look at it, another way is to see it as a coded signal to paranoid authoritarian catholic intellectuals that Scott Brown is their own personal Man on Horseback. It is gonna be a close election for the US Senate in the Commonwealth this year and every fringe cohort can potential play kingmaker.
Besides with his BC law degree (something he shares with John Kerry BTW), Scott never fails to play at being a lifelong Eagle.
BTW I think it is time for a moratorium on Big Name National TV Journalists moderating debates concerning statewide office in Massachusetts, David Gregory basically disgraced himself last coming off with all the charisma of a jungle missionary trying to teach the Kalahari Bushmen the intricacies of the Council of Trent.