Thursday, March 12, 2015

Alex Beam from the Invulnerable Fastness of his column in

Today's Boston Globe has called Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Day in Court "A Show Trial" a'la Joe Stalin. For reals Folks, Alex Beam can go F*ck Himself. That jobber wouldn't know a "Show Trial"if it took a five pound chunk out of his ass! I would LOVE to see how long Beam would hold up against Andrei Vyshinsky or Roland Freisler. Seriously all I know is, Tsarnaev is getting a fair trial and if he hangs, So Be It, He is owned a Fair Trial in Open Court nothing more. As for Alex Beam one of the things I didn't wanna do after my long hiatus was start critiquing the op-ed page of the Globe again, but rubbish such as this is simply too much a provocation. The whole damn op ed page is stuffed with bloviating jobbers and BORING ONES at that! Time for a change sez I, end the madness end the sheer embarrassment!

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