Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Let me get this straight...

Senator John McCain signs a truculent and possibly legally actionable letter (along with 46 other deluded souls in the US Senate) threatening the Iranian Mullahs and undercutting the foreign policy prerogatives of the US President...at the behest of some twitchy Freshman US Senator??? Tom Cotton dreamt this wingnut wetdream up as a means to further embarrass the President and possibly ruin nuclear arms negotiations with Iran...but along the way he has wrecked the reputations of a entire Senate Cohort the so called "grown ups in the room"...Mitch McConnell, Orrin Hatch and of course John McCain. All of whom fell over themselves in a compulsive bid to ingratiate themselves with a creepy little demagogue from Arkansas, one Tom Cotton, who is clearly bidding on being chamber's next Rick Santorum. Its a sad day for the US Senate...trafficking with the Mullahs in a crude hapless fashion...I've never quite seen the like quite frankly. And by the way, please notice the letter itself is also a bitter rebuke to Secretary of State John Kerry a veritable stab in the back and an open pretext for Iran to quit negotiations, signed by dozens of men who were once his honored colleagues and in particular by John McCain who claims to be Kerry's friend. That part the casual betrayal of John Kerry by his bestie John McCain...is plainly disgusting. But lets face it we can weaponize shame to our hearts content and it will motivate these dismal pricks not one jot, no what they answer to is the loss of their majority and or the forceable ejection from power at the ballot box.

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