Friday, March 06, 2015

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Defense Team

Has made the entirely sensible decision not to contest his complicity in murder & terrorism for the Marathon Bombings. Apparently they are gonna argue he was too much a devoted toady of his elder brother Tamerlan and thus make a play for mitigation. There is a touch of Darrow's "Leopold and Loeb" defense to this thinking, I suspect it is immeasurably helped by the fact that Tamerlan is dead (ironically run over by his younger brother in a bid to escape a firefight with the police), whether or not "My Big Brudder Made Me Do It" will keep him out of the Federal Death Chamber is an open debate, the prosecution is gonna hit on the heinousness of the crime on an hourly basis. As for mitigation, its probably the best bet the defense has at this point. Frankly maybe Tsarnaev should be executed, that is a harsh thing to write I know...his death will purchase us no deterrence among other home grown terrorists, but it will take one evil little player off the face of the Earth and keep his name off any lists of Hostage Takers Demands should he get life in the slams. Harsh...I know but he willfully committed a harsh crime.

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