Thursday, March 19, 2015

As you may have heard...

The Many Wived Donald Trump is forming an Exploratory Presidential Committee. But who are we kidding? Donald Trump isn't getting elected President of Jack Shit, Omarosa has a better chance at this point and likely better polling numbers. Trump makes his living these days from "The Celebrity Apprentice" and various complicated real estate partnerships that amount to little more than Endorsement Deals that require little or no investment capital from him. Moreover if the rumors are true, The Donald is no longer a billionaire and might have to fundraise if he was ever serious about running for President...and what serious donor is gonna pony up for a gaffe generator like Trump? No...I say this is all Brand Enhancement, Newt Gingrich perfected the art of making money off of Issuing Presidential Noises every four years, there was almost always a new book or website or some damn tchotchke that could be piggybacked onto that process. No I still say the ones to watch are Scott Walker (who admittedly is gaffing all over the place but it's nothing that will register with electorate over the long term) and Jeb Bush (off to the usual Bush Family Slow Start). The rest are either weird, out of position or poor too register at this point.

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