Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Oh by the way

John McCain has already backed off on the "Senate 47" letter to Iran characterizing it as "Unhelpful" if I read the news summaries correctly. Of course he passed over in Sacerdotal Silence the fact that HE SIGNED the god-damned thing and at the behest of a Twitchy Gimpy Freshman US Senator as well. This is how the mighty fall mah frenz...John needs to throw in the towel take that younger hot wife of his off to some quiet retirement west of Flagstaff, he is good for nothing else. This "Cowardly Lion Act" McCain is doing in the US Senate is officially shaming the entire US Congress which admittedly is Some Doing for a Man His Age. Out John...You've tarried too long for the Good Thee Hath Done... Maybe those stab wounds in John Kerry's back will heal up without a scar, ya never know.

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