Friday, March 20, 2015

Kudos to Former Governor Patrick...

For heeding some obvious advice and declining any renumeration for his participation on the Boston Olympics Committee...its a small gesture but I will take whatever I can get. Y'know it occurs to me, that the core membership of said committee...Romney, Patrick et al, have more then enough brains, talent and connections to submit to the Governor a plan to fix the MBTA that might actually really work and have a chance at passing the legislature. Instead....the lot of them have gone whoring after the Brass Crown of the Summer Olympics...Sad...but smart people are oft beguiled by shallow shiny things just like the rest of us. But....from my perspective, smart or stupid, we as MBTA patrons and taxpayers SHOULD NOT have to shoulder the fiscal and physical burdens of the 2024 Summer Olympics in order to get the god-damned overclass of the state to do what they SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING ALL ALONG, which is fixing public transportation! I can put it no starker terms.

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