Thursday, March 26, 2015

Senator Ted Cruz (R Texas) is Running For President

his qualifications for office are few and may be summarized as follows, he is a graduate of Harvard Law, he occupies a safe senate seat from a state honeycombed with rotten boroughs and he hates President Obama with a paranoid inflexibility that is a continuing sugar high to the Tea Partei. This is ironic as Cruz is taking a very important page from the Obama presidential paybook, ergo not letting the enervating dust of the US Senate settle on him before goin' fer the gusto. Like Barack Obama Cruz has racked up two years in office...and figures "Fie On This Quiet Life Give Me Work". I doubt he will win, what thrilleth the Tea Partei definitely sounds like grating gaffery to the rest of the nation, but Ted Cruz could well push Jeb Bush to the right over the short term, his effect on Scott Walker will likely be negligible due to the Wisconsin Republican's recent and move loved wingnut bona fides. If I was handicapping this I'd pay closer attention to any movement rightward on Jeb's part regarding immigration or Obamacare....two topics that'll get lost in the din ere' long.

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