Wednesday, March 18, 2015

"Scorched Earth Works"....

is my big takeaway from the Israeli Election yesterday. Netanyahu stayed "on message" regarding security, casually burned down his standing in the White House and promised to prevent Palestinian Statehood, and just as I predicted, he won. His opponents couldn't shift the discussion over to the very real economic issues in Israel what with all Benjamin's apocalyptic screaming 24-7....please recall John Kerry couldn't do likewise in 2004. But recall please my mantra going back to this blog's inception "Win Ugly, Govern Ugly", and believe me, Netanyahu "won ugly" yesterday a state of affairs that never ever wears well over time, just as Richard Nixon if'n yew don't believe me. So Secretary of State John Kerry gonna get asked to address the Knesset as a peacemaking gesture? HA! Don't wait up for that one.

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