Friday, March 04, 2016

A couple of pundit memes to remember as we go forward

"The Brokered Convention Column" thats gonna get a lot of play in the coming weeks at least until someone locks up the GOP nomination, which is still Trump so far as I can see. Columnists love this shit, they all wanna write big bestsellers about "Inside the 2016 GOP Convention: When the Party of Lincoln Autodestructed". Granted the GOP hasn't booked a genuinely "brokered convention" since 1952 but a misguided lust for drama informs the punditariat and so the meme marches on.

"The Third Party Bid that Throws the US Election into the US House", Columnists really get morbidly excited about this one, and while third parties have conditioned some electoral outcomes the election itself hasn't been decided in the US House for one hundred and forty years. Ah but what about 2000? Well that one should have gone to the US House until Scalia's Court got the Boot can otherwise take this as a one chance in one hundred and forty, could be a factor but likely any notional third party will alter turn out not the ultimate electoral venue.

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