Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Watching Trump's Victory Speech

Chris Christie is staring at Donald Trump with the canine devotion Galleazzo Ciano once reserved for Benito Mussolini, good call there Governor Baker.
Certainly as The Donald ranted on in his signature style Christie developed a sad thousand yard stare one associates with an abused dog, a metaphoric studded leather collar and leash around his fat arrogant neck.
I'll Christie was praying to be indicted even if only to get him out of Trump's entourage....
Watching this rabble on a Super Tuesday Night is an ugly unpleasant chore in extremis, but Christie's humiliation was precious and lovely to see indeed.
My main takeaway is that that unemployment is down, but anxiety is up, democrats are enjoined to pay heed to that.  We cannot match or even countenance xenophobia as a party, but we should recognize that a good chunk of fear and loathing comes from decades of the feckless outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries. Granted "The Outsourced" are turning their wrath on the wrong parties in this fight, but thats par for the course in US Politics. We need to recognize the legitimacy of some of these emotions....cuz they come from very real fears.

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