Thursday, March 24, 2016

True to Form...

Jeb Bush has wasted what little political capital he has left by endorsing Teds Cruz of all people for President.
Mind you, Jeb's options were limited he did after all fruitlessly vilify the entire GOP Presidential Roster in NH including a special animus for John Kasich....I suppose it was either Cruz...or Bolt the Partei.
Therein lies the rub, the endorsement is a craven admission from Jeb that he has no intention of quitting the GOP over Trump, he'll follow the given political parameters and accept Trump's nomination if it happens.
La Famiglia Arbusto still has plenty of props with the republicans and if Jeb simply kept quiet he could fuel a "deviationist third party tendency" by keeping silent.
But that kind of guts is denied The Bush Family, so much moreso than Ronald Reagan the contemporary GOP with it's perpetual foothold on a restive minority ever dependent on manipulating a rejectionist wing of the White Working Class is a creation of Georges Senior and Junior...and now their creation has turned on them with fangs bared.
I doubt Jeb will do much for Ted let alone Trump should the developer seize the nomination but he'll be a voice for unity with the pious hope that The Donald loses the general election and thus somehow La Famiglia Arbusto and their jobbers can still rule over the GOP rubble.

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