Monday, March 14, 2016

Governor Baker has raised

a record three million dollars for his still notional re-election campaign in 2018, this is an entirely record breaking amount of money given the fact that Charlie is still in his first term. This is on top of some three hundred thousand in largely unaccountable money Baker raised to purge the GOP's state committe during this year's presidential primary.
The three million large is pretty daunting, the volume initially suggests the usual successful effort to intimidate democrats against running against him. Given that sort of challenge we might need a candidate who can self finance, that is if anyone bestirs themselves to run at all in 2018 as a democrat that is...
As for that three hundred K that seems to be a Boston Globe Spotlight series in the making I for one would LOVE to know who contributed and if they had any business before the Commonwealth, I guarantee you that funny money is like water it seeks its own level so it seems possible that some gamey sources were contributors.
But will The Globe investigate?
That is the question....

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