Thursday, March 10, 2016

Plan A is ...

for Kasich to prevail in the Ohio Primary, Rubio to win Florida and then make a hard case that Trump unelectability warrants a brokered GOP convention.
Unfortunately Rubio is down by double digits in his home state and Kasich is apparently behind Trump in Ohio, let me note as well that Trump pretty consistently performs in lock step with his polling.
So likely neither Kasich nor Rubio will survive next Tuesday (John Kasich in particular is giving off a very scary ineffectual "Merkin Muffley" vibe out there in CampaignSpace) which leaves the GOP with "Plan B" which comes down to "Cruz versus Trump" or a massively ugly shit fight in a pig sty.
But for those who enjoy bellicose authoritarians arguing about their vast areas of sheer ugly agreement this will be an all star extravaganza. Ted Cruz is as big a divider as Trump he has gotten something of a pass so far but that can't last not if he is the last man standing in the AntiDonald Coalition....given Rubio's twitchy weirdness Cruz could well be Trump's VP....or the Republican National Convention could simply auto destruct.

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