Tuesday, March 01, 2016

I am expecting a Trump Romp tonight

Although with usual caveat that "anything can happen" (Trump has pretty much performed close to his polling numbers down the the line at least so far), a lot I think depends on whether or not Ted Cruz can "hold" Texas. If he can, then that sends a signal to Kasich and Rubio that they too can at least hope to firewall themselves as Favorite Son Candidates which is a pretty big comedown but it least it isn't a route.
Exactly how any of that stops Trump is hard to say, it just keeps the pot stirred for a few more weeks at best. Prevent Trump from being nominated at this point may come down to some serious "Florida Recount Style" political skullduggery at the convention and I suspect the maachers may not have the stomach for something that crude and blatant.

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