Friday, March 11, 2016

From what I hear

The Governor had some success in purging the State GOP Committee of some of it's more mossy paleo conservatives. Supposedly there is some ill feeling down ticket given the rather ruthless way Baker raised funds (mostly on the sly) and used all the advantages of incumbency.
But then, the State Committee doesn't amount to a Hill of Beans when the Party in Question controls the Governorship. Baker didn't want anyone endorsing Ted Cruz or starting donnybrooks at Trump rallies thats all.
Of course you do what you like when you have a seventy three percent approval rating, rankled memories count for little until and if said approval ratings start to plummet then the knives come out.
I give Baker credit for intuiting that if he is to to hold onto power he has to make the State GOP his Vassal one reflective of his ever shifting values and priorities. Given his lack of any safe refuge in the National GOP he must by default make himself a fortress at home. It's not like he is on anyone's short list for Vice President or anything.
But that fundraising, entirely veiled that requires vigilance, imagine democrats raising money on a similar mission or fanatic conservatives on some mission of Holy Grievance?

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