Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I am trying...with a little more effort than the Evening Newscasts

To refrain from allowing this blog to descend into "what stupid thing did Donald Trump say today"....its easy writing but damnably repetitive.
But I guess yesterday he decided we should allow Japan and South Korea to acquire nuclear weapons (in contravention of their obligations under the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty) so that the US can basically "quit and go home" in East Asia.
I mean...any else remember when George McGovern was accused of being an isolationist and an appeaser shit he was Global Cop #1 compared to Donald Trump!
Arming South Korea and Japan with nukes destabilizes the region ramps up confrontation with the PRC and either puts Peking on the short road to it's cherished dream of regional domination or lights the fuse to a nuclear war in East Asia....and believe Trump can build no wall high enough around the USA to keep out the fallout.
I mean South Korea doesn't have the size and strategic depth to deploy a nuclear force with any inherent second strike reliability. Japan might fare better in that department but not by much assuming they even wanted to go back on sixty plus years of understandable "nuclear chariness".
Assuming something like this came to pass you could basically set the Union of Concerned Scientists Doomsday Clock at five past midnight and be done with it.
Its a stupid idea from someone that is naturally frustrated by the nuances and contradictions of strategic thinking.
For better or worse there is a reason why nations abide under the USA's "nuclear umbrella", mostly because within defined parameters, the damn thing works.  And if people are tired of the USA's status as "Texas Ranger to the World" wait til Peking gives the job a try....

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