Sunday, March 27, 2016

On the other hand...

Jeb Bush along with the other also rans must think if they can just prevent Trump from clearing the boards at the RNC this summer they might have a shot at stampeding the delegates.  So that might account for the Former Governor of Florida's endorsement of his once hated rival Ted Cruz.
I think this is a forlorn hope at best, a second ballot stampede away from Trump would require a great deal of preparatory skullduggery....and I don't think the current GOP leadership has the requisite skill set to pull that off.
From that perspective endorsing Cruz comes at the low cost it affirms Jeb's party loyalty while doing nothing to really advance the Senator's chances.
Frankly I think this lot are all living in Fantasyland, blatantly superceding the expressed will of the GOP Primaries has to come at a catastrophic cost....then again Jeb brings so little to the table fantasizing seems his last recourse.

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