Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Right in Schedule...

Plymouth County State Senator Dan Wolfe is making Bernie Sandersish noises about running for Governor in 20018.
I wish him well, it sounds like his head in the right place, I reiterate however my contention that sad to say money is gonna be a big factor in that race.  That 3million large that Baker has ginned up, sets the bar high for democrats and scares off donors so it works in Charlie's favor in two dimensions from the git-go.

Right now, as democrats, we ought to scale our ambitions to our resources, lets have a thorough vetting of the issues in the primary among a good cross section of candidates, the party faithful et al should be consulted at the ballot box so to speak.
Let us all further resolve NOT to let 2018 become a re-run of 1994 where poor Mark Roosevelt had run statewide in the General Election with 60K in the bank while OUR legislative leaders performed the Houdini-class trick of sitting on their hands while toasting to the prosperity of then Governor Weld.
So some rough party unity will be necessary and certain leadership personalities (who admittedly must negotiate with Governor Baker every day) should be put on notice that their party affiliation imposes obligations in an election year.
Thats all I can say for the moment, health to Senator Wolfe's efforts.

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