Sunday, November 06, 2016

Colin Van Ostern

probably looks too young to be NH's Next Governor, nonetheless he has some intriguing ideals as we head into election day
Foremost among them a Manchester to Boston rail link this is a won-der-ful idea in all respects, The Queen City is down to two main industries the New Hampshire Primary and waiting for the New Hampshire Primary...a rail link would spur some development and arrest the municipality's population outflow.
I'm not saying this is an across the board answer, new jobs new industries and some hardheaded reinvention are in order, Manchester has yet to escape it's rep as a perpetually dying Mill Town, but its a practical first step in every way.
The other thing I like about Colin Van Ostern, is that while he was a Boy Scout, he clearly did not make Eagle, nonetheless he still runs pictures of himself in uniform and seems content with whatever benefit he extracted from the experience.
Normally with politicians you only hear about it if they were a scoutmaster or if they cracked Eagle....this indicates a becoming modesty on Van Ostern's part.

Those two factors alone recommend him to me even if he wasn't a yoghurt company executive in his day job....(I'm fifty four I eat a lot of yoghurt so Sue Me!)


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