Monday, November 21, 2016

Melania Stays Behind....

Apparently Nominal First Lady Elect Melania Trump (AKA "Threezacharm") is staying behind with her son Barron in NYC while Donald acts as President come January.
Allegedly this is to prevent any disruption in the ten year old Barron Trump's school year, fair enough on that part I guess, other Presidents though thought nothing of replanting their kinder in DC's numerous toney private schuls.
The reasons for this decision seem simple enough to me, Donald Trump is the first US President whose wealth and lack of taste are in such close allignment that the White House literally holds no "Snob Appeal" to him and his family (or families to be precise).
He'd clearly prefer to run the country from that ghastly gilt gold monstrocity "The Trump Tower" in upper Manhattan.  Hell I suspect he may well attempt to be a "Commuting President" a distraction & affectation that likely has Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell & Chuck Schumer salivating in unison.
BTW who the hell names their youngest child "Barron Trump" anyway? Its a plain invitation to utter ruin later in life, the kid's monicker sounds like one of Frederick The Great's less competent courtiers.

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