Thursday, November 10, 2016

On The Other Hand....

Question Two went down to resounding defeat with an audible ka-boom! It seems that Charlie Baker's supposedly unbeatable seventy percent approval rating proved no match for a determined ground game from committed cohorts. Hell the damn thing gat no heat even in Brockton and Lowell....
This is a sobering outcome for Team Baker 2016 hasn't been a good year for them at all, Donald Trump now rules their party (and his famously vindictive management style), they couldn't put over Q2 despite putting Charlie's face right on it and pot got legalized.
That mah frenz is a hat trick of setback.
As liberals and democrats of all stripes we ought to look at those ballot question returns and perhaps we can dimly perceive a way forward in 2018. Mind you I guarantee Baker is looking over those numbers digit searching for strengths and weaknesses, its how Patrick beat him after all in 2010.
Obviously 2018 depends on finding a candidate (we might need one that can self finance just sayin'), ginnin' up some issues and staying united even as we forge a coalition.
What we don't want is a repeat of 1994 (Weld v Roosevelt( where we half hearted drifted into a race divided and detached....Baker Must Be Challenged Every Step of the Way, Win or Lose!
That is my mantra going forward.

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