Thursday, November 17, 2016

Mister Seventy Percent

aka Governor Charlie Baker had a really really bad year this year, not enough to blunt his drive for reelection by any means but by any objective standards things did not go well at all.
Pot got legalized, charter schools stayed capped, all his attempts to Duck Trump availed him nothing when Trump won the election. Now Baker is in the worst of places, a GOP President with no inclination to do Massachusetts any favors.
And in the face of all this all Charlie can do is bleat ineffectually about judging Trump not on the apoetheosis of Falangists like Steve Bannon but on "The Totality of His Appointments".
Sounds like Le Marshal Petain throwing in the towel to meeeee....

And yet, Charlie's reelection prospects couldn't be better the local economy keeps chugging along (at least until Trump does something stupid which won't be long believe me) and most democrats seem wearily resigned to him if not in his corner outright.
I myself know a few democrats of some profile are pretty fulsome with praise for Baker, they can be counted on to sit on their hands oh so quietly come 2018.
Baker might get "primaried" by Trump's local legionaries but I doubt it, to date the Tea Partei has been All Hat and No Cattle in the I am thinking just possibly a lot of Baker's prospects going forward may depends on what sort of wary accomodation he can make with the Trump Admin....that situation requires close observation to be sure.

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