Friday, November 18, 2016

Late Word Is....

Now Mitt Romney is being floated as Trump's Secretary of State. Granted Romney has stature in the GOP but his foreign policy ideas are at best hackneyed rubbish, of course compared to Trump (who apparently thinks NATO is somehow "rigged" against us) Mitt is veritable Metternich.
Its just a sad and predictable indictment of Romney's too flexible character that he is entertaining this idea and thus consigning himself to the indignity of taking order from Eric, Donald Jr or likely Ivanka Trump or else desperately trying to talk Their Father out of starting World War Three on some    Grim pretext in a bunker somewhere.
Hey Mitt.....just let the offer pass, its a bad job for a bad man and that never ends well. For once I'm trying to talk you out of it for your family's sake and maybe the sake of your own soul.

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